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Zuzu the Elf Zuzu the Elf

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wasn't sold by the beginning, which may be holding up your judgement, but once the action really gets started it's quite enjoyable, and I felt the animation got stronger with the gags towards the end as well. The ending was worth waiting for. Possibly punch up the timing of the gags at the beginning, or just think about that for your next one.

Lip Synch 2: Synch Harder Lip Synch 2: Synch Harder

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not a bad job on the lip sync. And the voices weren't that far off either. Move on to some body movement, just pose to pose stuff. What was the problem you ran into?

JoeSimStudios responds:

Well, drawing the characters and shading them took no time at all. The different mouth animations could have been done better, but really, with this one I just wanted to have the characters moving. I drew every possible hand frame, a walking animation for the legs, and so forth.

The problem was I put the audio both on the main timeline that had the bodies as a whole, and the timeline for the heads. When I started making the arms move around, the audio stopped matching up and the mouth movements would come like, 25-35 frames earlier or late.

I'm sure it's painfully obvious what I did wrong, but as a beginner in all this, I just can't seem to see it. Like playing Portal and not seeing that one tiny portal surface all the way over the acid pit that was there the whole time.

So I spent god knows how long trying to move the mouth frames around so that they matched up and when it still wasn't looking right, I deleted all the movement from the arms, which just seemed to screw it up again.

That's the only real problem with learning anything from YouTube like I've been doing for the last year. If you have a question there's no one there to immediately get an answer from. I could Google the problem and hope I get lucky with a return from some forum, or I could leave a question in the comments of the video tutorials, but it's hard to get solutions to problems in a timely manner. Especially with something as intricate as the Adobe products.

Hell, I have a problem that just started happening in Photoshop where my line art looks terrible on the canvas but if I preview/save it, it looks fine., I sure talk a lot.

Fiasco Fiasco

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not Bad!

Pretty good Ive. Your character models could loose a little clean up around their joints, especially on the run cycle for wrestle cat, but the overall performance was good. Excellent use of static images for all the close up pans and action shots. Not a bad job on the cape at the end either.

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nonstopive responds:

Thanks, John. Your input means a lot.
I agree that the models need work, I definitely did it all in the easiest way possible.